You've Gotta Read This: Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

In the last few months I found there was a very supportive group of bloggers who deal with chronic illness on a daily basis. Since becoming a part of that group I have  felt more cared for and understood than every before. If you too are struggling I have listed here some great links that I find very informative and helpful. When visiting these other blog links I recommend poking around the blogs. You are likely to find just what you are looking for at one of them.

I have listed more than 10 posts of mental heath, happiness and simplifying life. As I was catching up on reading I kept finding more and more that I recommend.

Becoming Minimalist to Be Happy Science Says Focus on These 10 things

Five Ways to Stop Negative Self Talk 

Self-Discipline: A Matter of Grit and Grace

How I got my asthma diagnosis


On the simplifying life we have 6 Ways to Way Your Family Into a Life of Minimalism.



Higher costs associated with IBD 

When Your Chronic Illness Keeps Giving – You More Diagnoses

Dealing With Those Damn Feelings of Anxiety

The Problem With Being Used to Pain or Illness

self care is important

food prep/ meal planning when struggling

8. Food prep ideas for when you’re extra low on spoons

10 kitchen tools for the chronically ill

Don’t quit

Use your pain for good