I was thrilled to learn that I was accepted into the Chronic Illness Bloggers network recently.

Chronic Illness Bloggers Network

When I started blogging faithfully at the beginning of this year I had no idea the amazing people I would get to know. As some of you may know I struggle with several health issues. I have to say it is so nice to have someone ‘get it’ when you are struggling with a flare up of one of your conditions. The only way it can be truly understood is if one has gone through it.

I need to go back and edit some posts because I can tell I was having a bad flare when I wrote them by the chaos on the page.

Needless to say I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the fellow bloggers in my chronic illness groups for all of the care and support these last several months.


Seekingserenity and Harmony

If you haven’t read my posts on my chronic illness issues you can start here.


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