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Welcome, Seeking Serenity and Harmony

About Seeking Serenity and Harmony

I will be updating this page regularly as I find new resources & tools to keep you sane and Safe At Home during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Self Care Survival & Educational Resources & Tools


Safe At Home

The safe at home survival bundle by Ultimate Bundles is no longer available at this time.

1. Learn how to teach your children from home (and what to do when they refuse to learn)
2. Discover 144 companies that are nearly always hiring work-from-home positions
3. Create a healthy technology plan for your family
4. Help your kids learn to draw with 200 tutorials
5. Discover what’s undermining your productivity
6. Learn 64 ways you can be kinder to the planet
If you’re looking for something to help you through this challenging time, you don’t want to miss this!

YWCA videos of so many things you can do

Online progamming by Childrens Museum of Maine

Always A Honeymoon has a great list of ideas on her blog here.



Read Alouds

The Big List of Virtual Author Activities


100+ Podcasts for Kids



Pinterest boards that have craft ideas

EARTH DAY Things To Do

virtual visits to national parks

Rachel Sussman – The World’s Oldest Living Things



Coloring Pages


Homeschooling helpers


50 Educational Preschool Shows on Hulu

130 Educational Shows on Hulu


100 Educational Shows on Amazon Prime

150+ Educational Shows on Netflix


Educational Apps

150+ Educational Apps for Kids


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Are you a blogger looking for more resources. I have another project I am working on listing blogging and productivity resources? 

These are the word prompts and my posts for the Feb Write 28 Days Challenge

There are also some older posts with the same word prompts placed under the prompts….



Fixing The Broken Things Five Minute Friday






write 28 days with ease





Can You Name 5 Five Things You Like About Yourself ?

The Meaning Behind The Name




2019 Herding Ball Reviews: Fun Facts: What, Why, How

10 Need to know personal fundraiser facts…

Featuring~ Diffusing the Tension: 7 Difficult Facts About Anxiety














Self Care Is A Sanity Saver

Self Care: Sanity Saver: Quiet

Processing & Relying – Self Care is a Sanity Saver


Summer Sanity Savers Round-up





A Quick mention: 5 of my favorite products


Friday Roundup: 5 of My Favorite Things And More A-Z Post.



Read More: Autumn Bucket List Did you Make one?

Did you know? “On average, families in North America toss out a shocking $2,000 worth of food every year.”    “Pick out 5 ingredients you tend to toss out the most, like kale or celery.  Swap them for Thrive and never toss out a slimy bag of leafy greens again!”

Thrive Life

This post I came across I had written in 2016,

My Why~  They say home is where the heart is. I believe that is true. I dreamed about a house in the country. I didn’t believe it would become a reality but it did. If I could live anywhere it would be right here where I live now. I must say I also wouldn’t mind traveling around and spending part of the winter in a warmer place. Our current home does need some renovations and my husband really needs a garage/workshop.

My why for joining Thrive Life is Financial Stability & Peace of Mind. If I had extra money I would pay down our debt and help my husband with our living expenses. I graduated college in May and would like to pay my student loan off within the year. I would take some of it and ride a horse. I would donate to causes to benefit children and animals.


Freedom & Flexibility

If time were no obstacle I would spend time scrap booking and other crafts. I used to say I wanted to go to Hawaii I still do, I also want to re-visit California and take a first trip to Florida. All of course during the colder months of the year. I would take my husband, maybe even children and grandchildren.

Personal Growth My personal weakness is being uncomfortable in social situations. I would like to improve my writing skills. Maybe someday actually write something publishable.”


My Why for choosing Thrive Life as my emergency food supply is it is a quality product that I trust.

If you would like to learn more about What this product is and why it is a quality product visit my page here.