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Be Active

Be Active~ (Reminds me of the Activia Brand Yogurt commercial for some reason? or a gut health commercial?)

I will be honest here I struggle with being physically active. Currently my pain in my joints and bones is through the roof. I know being inactive is only going to weaken muscles and cause more pain. How do I find the balance?

Be Active Todays Pain is tomorrows power Purple background purple flowre

I think back to my much younger years when if I didn’t have my nose in a book I was very active. I used to bike, walk, swim. Heck I even tried out for the track team. I found though that my weak ankles and asthma that I was better off in a fast walk so Track team wasn’t for me.   I did gymnastics for awhile in 5th grade. Then it came time to perform in front of everyone and I decided I could enjoy gymnastics but having to perform in front a crowd wasn’t an activity I wanted.

I am very active in other areas, I love to learn new things. I really enjoy reading. I consider myself a life long learner.  I am active in breaking the mental health stigma. I believe the stigma keeps many from getting much needed help before it is too late. I also actively participate in advocating for children’s well  being.

At my age of between 57 and 58 I look around and think I wish I was as active as others my age. Then I see ladies in their 70s etc.. in the news for their health and activities. I want that. I guess I better get off my butt and get active!!



Five Minute Friday: Active