How to Advocate for the animals

“Things We Can Do to Help Animals in Need”

There are many ways we can help animals. This includes animals in the wild as well as those types we’d consider as pets. In this article I am going to focus on how to help animals we would consider as pets.

Advocate for Animals

The most common ways to help are in giving money, time or resources. Below I list more specific ways to do that.

There are so many animals waiting in shelters and rescues for that forever home. One way to help is if you are able to become a foster home for animals in need. We have fostered off and on since the Fall of 2011. This has been a great way to feel helpful and give of our time.

My daughter makes crafts and sells them then donating a portion of proceeds to local rescues and shelters reinvesting the rest towards more materials to create more crafts.

Advocate without leaving your home

You can shop through Amazon smile to support a rescue or shelter if you are shopping on Amazon it does not cost any extra. I know the rescue we volunteer for appreciates every penny they receive from this program.

Donate items on shelter wish lists. Got clean unwanted linens? Many shelters are often looking for these items for bedding and cleaning supplies.

If you don’t have money or a lot of resources something as simple as share posts on social media to help get dogs adopted is a big help. The Petco Foundation has an ambassador program

Finally if you are looking to add a pet to your household consider adopting one in need.  But first do your homework. What kind of pet is right for you? Take time getting to know the animal and make sure it is the right one for you. Too many people impulsively rush into getting a pet and then decide it isn’t the right fit for them and the animal ends up at the shelter hoping someone else is the right fit.

Make sure to think about spay and neutering this is part of responsible pet ownership. If you are adopting most likely the animal will come to you already having been spayed or neutered.  You can donate funds or spread awareness of existing low cost spay neuter programs.

This is just a brief outline of the many ways we can help animals in need. Lets be creative and work together to help these animals.


How to advocate Recap:

  • Become a foster home
  • Fundraise for a shelter
  • Shop on Amazon Smile
  • Donate clean used linens etc..
  • Volunteer your time for a shelter or rescue
  • Share dogs in need on social media
  • Check out the Petco foundation and its adoption ambassador program
  • Adopt Don’t Shop
  • Be a responsible pet owner

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