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September is Suicide Awareness and Pain Awareness Month~ 1 More Day

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Making a Difference by Spreading Awareness

September is Suicide Prevention Month and  9/10/2019 is World Suicide Prevention Day. September is also Pain Awareness Month.

Both of these topics are topics that really hit home for me. I live with chronic pain daily and have many friends who are in the same boat. It is not a relaxing on the lake kind of boat. Chronic pain can be very debilitating to some and it can make predictability of my day to day expectations of productivity to be difficult.

Please be aware that just because someone doesn’t ‘look’ sick that does not mean they are not in severe pain or functioning at a level that is difficult for them. Let’s not judge a book by its cover.

Now on to the suicide awareness piece….

From NAMI Maine~ “proclamation from the city of Bangor at this week’s city council meeting proclaiming this week Suicide Prevention Week and today (9/10/19) World Suicide Prevention Day’

Stats show someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds.. Stats also show that the rates are climbing instead of declining.This needs to stop!!!

Suicide ideation and thoughts are starting in children younger now than they ever did. WE NEED TO FIX THIS… (But how? I wish I knew!!!!)


Hold On For One More Day

Join a mental health first aid class near you.

Together lets break the stigma and bring hope and healing to those that are hurting silently.

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  1. I didn’t realise September was Pain Awareness Month, so thank you for letting me learn something new today. As a fellow chronic illness sufferer, I know all too well the reality of unpredictability. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do but ride the waves – perhaps from the comfort of waterproof bed though? Thanks for sharing.


  2. I suffer from depression and anxiety and it shows up in my health through chronic pain but finding support is the key. The problem is like you said, I don’t look sick and am almost always smiling so others assume that all is well in my life. I have just recently started blogging and writing about my thoughts has been a great outlet for me. Thank you for writing about this…not too many people want to think about their loved ones committing suicide but it is reality. I didn’t even know that the rate was so high and how our youth are crying out for help. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  3. Break the stigma! Yes, please!
    I have Lyme disease, and autoimmune diseases. The daily physical pain never ceases. Some days are definitely better than others, and some days I can barely walk. From the research I have done, suicide is the number one cause of death among those with Lyme.
    Suicide is such a real threat, yet so many people refuse to take it seriously. If we can raise awareness, and made help more available, maybe we can raise the compassion level too. If people with suicidal tendencies received more compassion and understanding, things could be a lot different. Thanks for speaking out and sharing!

  4. It’s so important to talk about this, spread awareness and also for us all to be aware that everyone is going through something, to be more empathetic of others. You don’t need to look sick to be suffering. Thanks so much for sharing this insightful piece.

  5. This definitely should be a topic that is discussed more. As you said, younger and younger children are being affected by this. I always make it my business to really engage with children and make sure that they feel heard and important. Thank you for sharing this. It all starts with awareness.

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