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A Chronic Voice August 2020 Linkup

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August 2020 Linkup with A Chronic Voice


The prompts this month August 2020 are Unlocking, Limiting, Studying, Watching, Healing.

UNLOCKING ~  My about me page on my blog says I am “over the hill and still finding myself”.   I am unlocking doors that keep me from being the me I want to be.  There was a time when I was so deep in depression that I could not believe that my life would ever be different or better.

Now I am here to advocate for those who find themselves stuck in that same rabbit hole. I am here to tell them that YES! Things CAN get better. Please don’t give into those thoughts and feelings that make you feel everyone would be better off without you. It is a big fat lie. Take it day by day however long it takes. Just Hold On For One More Day!!!

LIMITING ~  I am trying to better at limiting sugar and caffeine in my diet. Both have been a staple used to get through the days for as long as I can remember. Then it not only becomes habit it becomes an addiction that is hard to break. Meanwhile the longer I don’t try the more damage I do to my health. I want to break this cycle and have a longer healthier life with my family.

STUDYING~  My youngest daughter graduated high school and is starting college classes and the little one I foster is headed to Kindergarten. Both will be doing school online due to the pandemic.  My youngest son who also just finished high school is interested in studying things like gardening, herbs and essential oils. I will be working on my hobby of learning more about Herbs and Essential Oils and how to use them to live a more natural healthy life. He will be joining in and taking the online lessons and creating in the kitchen with me.

WATCHING~   The end of August 2020 has me  watching  mother nature move from summer heat to cooler autumn days. I try to remember to “stop and smell the roses” and spend some time slowing down and watching the chickens and ducks. Listening to the wild birds outside. I have not seen our deer visiting lately. I hope he is finding a good hiding spot in a no hunting zone so he can come back and visit again this winter. That was a daily treat when he was coming to eat in our yard.

HEALING~ I hope that I can provide some healing emotionally to the children that come into my care. I hope that whatever nurturing and care I can provide them with helps them later in life in whatever they may deal with. As I discovered who I am and what I want to be when I grow up. I  have felt the calling that fostering children is what I am supposed to be doing. Advocating for and protecting those little ones who need it.

I am also still obviously working on healing my body and its chronic issues by trying to become healthier for my own sake as well as my families. I know that I can not ‘cure’ some things but I can find ways to overcome obstacles. I just finished taking a class called “Living A Healthy Life With Chronic Pain”.  Trying to limit stress seems to be my biggest battle lately. Thank you for reading my August 2020 Chronic Voice Linkup post. I hope that whatever you may need healing in that you find it. Sending you wishes of health and happiness.

Take a look around and please share my blog with others that you think might want to read it.

August 2020


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  1. Thanks for joining us again! Loved reading and getting a glimpse of your life on the other corner of the world. I am glad that you are unlocking doors and becoming…becoming into the person you really are and want to nourish 🙂

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