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April A-Z Blog Challenge Post 2

Letter B

Blossoms: I still see a lot of snow in spots of my yard. But I am also seeing sprigs of grass starting to turn green. The trees are growing baby buds. I can not wait until I spot my first flower blossom.

Blog: I am working harder on my blog this month. I am committed to making this work. Somehow, Someway. I am hoping that you find some cheer among these pages to help  you through this time of crisis in our country.

Baby Chickens:  Due to hatch around Easter. Boy is Easter going to be wierd this year with the stay at home orders in place. It will be very weird not having all of my kids at the dinner table.

Books: I have been doing a lot of reading since we have been home in between cleaning and playing teacher etc..   My reward at the end of the day is some reading time for myself before my bedtime.  I am reading Cozy Mysteries among many more selections.

Bedtime: Ah with my tooth abcess, extraction and then oral bone spurs popping up crawling into my bed at night with a book is an awesome reward!

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