April A to Z Blog Challenge Post #1

I am joining up with the April blogging A to Z challenge. 





“April Showers Bring May Flowers”


April A to Z Blog Challenge Post #1

April A to Z Blog Challenge Post #1

This year April is going to be very different around here. Our state went into a more strict stay at home mandate effective April 2nd. It doesn’t really surprise me. Schools had already been closed until April 27th.  Now the mandate to stay home is until April 30th and Schools can’t open until May 4th.  Of course this may change to become even longer depending on how things go.

Easter is April 12th this is going to be a very different holiday for us this year. We always have all 6 of our kids and our 3 grand kids here. This year however it will not be taking place this year.  I will still try to cook something special for the twin teens and the preschooler but it will be so different.

At the end of the month our foster child has her birthday and we have had to cancel plans that had been made. Our life took such a drastic change in March.  I have a feeling April is going to be a bigger change. The good news is it is not winter time. We still have snow on the ground but April will bring more signs of grass or maybe even flower sprouts or buds on the trees.

New life. We have some chicks due to hatch in the incubator around Easter time. The sunflower seeds the kids planted are sprouting in the plant pots.

I hope to do more writing. I want to spend more time advocating for the mentally ill and children.