April 2020 A to Z Blog Challenge #3 Letter C

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April 2020 A to Z Blog Challenge #3 Letter C

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April 2020 Things with the letter C that pertain to the here and now

Chick Days It is chick days at most feed stores. I am not leaving the house so I won’t be tempted.  I do have an order due to arrive at the end of April.

Chickens  My chickens are happy that the snow is finally gone in most of the yard. They are happily giving me eggs enough to have us able to have plenty of egg based meals while we are safe at home.

There is a good article on chicken keeping during Covid-19 from Fresh Eggs Daily

Cookies~ I could really go for some warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies right now. The kids are enjoying the chick and bunny sugar cookies I bought from the store when we did our last grocery shopping before the Stay at home mandate.  It is going to be really weird when it is time to celebrate Easter this year.

Coloring  There is a lot of coloring going on at my house from the kids. I heard today is national rainbow day.


Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In April 2020 COVID-19 continues to impact our communities,

Please continue to take practical measures to help prevent the spread of this coronavirus in your community.

Animal shelters are facing staffing shortages and in some cases an increase in animals coming in. There is a call for foster parents to take these animals in. Donate to Petco Foundation or your local rescue or shelter.  Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.


Coming Soon Ultimate Bundles is releasing a special bundle for this time of coronavirus crisis. It opens up next week. Stay tuned. .

Care Tips:

Get outside in your yard even sit on your doorstep for 30 minutes each day.

Read some good books, Write letters, Color, Draw

I am participating in Handmade Holidays. We are creating one project a month.

Kayla at Aroga Yoga has written some great  Yoga for Chronic illness book

she is also offering Pay what you can virtual yoga classes

Check out Kami McBride’s herbal crafting corner.

Do at least one thing on your to do list that you have been putting off to make the most of this extra time at home

If you are feeling extra stressed or tired give your body rest

Watch this video from Stone Family Farmstead

Or listen to this podcast by Sally Clarkson.

Please stay safe


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