I’m joining in on April 1, with Anne In Residence. where I’ll be talking about what I’m


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On my blog I have been sharing a lot of giveaways thanks to Home Jobs by Mom.  I also am sharing weekly the Traffic Jam Weekend Linkup.  In other areas of my life I am trying to share positive thinking and cheer. I know that we are all struggling right now with what is happening in our nation.

I am hoping that in the very near future I can get back to sharing more about my homesteading adventures of learning about herbs,  making things from scratch and hatching and raising chickens.


I am writing on my blog using the A-Z challenge for the month of April. I will be posting a post using the letter A on April 2nd.

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I am wishing the best for everyone. I know that those that struggle with mental health are having a more difficult time with depression. Everyone is having a bit of cabin fever but staying home is necessary for safety. I am wishing that I could do more to help others at this time.


I am investigating what seeds we need to get started for our garden. We will definitely be growing more of our own food this year. Thankfully we have some kids that are interested in working a long beside us to grow yummy vegetables.

and buying.

Well one thing I am not buying is toilet paper. I have not been able to get any since the shelves were wiped out. Our normal supply is dwindling fast and I am concerned when I can get my hands on more.  How is the toilet paper situation where you are? Are you concerned about not being able to access it?

How is the pandemic situation where you are? Our state just issued a more strict stay at home mandate that goes into effect April 2nd. My family was following the precautions anyway but the stricter mandate makes things a bit more real and scary.

But I am not going to let fear rule me. I am going to use this time wisely to be as productive as I can from home. I will be spending more time working on focusing on my family and whatever I can do to help others from a distance.

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