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                                                 Letter J

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Finding Joy in the struggle

Just do it!! I’m struggling with what to write about mental health that starts with J.

When I look at Very Well Mind the letter J is not in their index list and the same on other mental health A to Z sites.

Writing in a Journal Is probably the only word I can think of when I think about

My Journey with mental health struggles. Well there Journey is another J word that fits. The the word Joy pops into my mind. Joy is often hard to find when struggling with a deep dark depression. Similar to hope finding even the tiniest spark to hold onto will make a big difference.  Don’t let others steal your joy. Stop and smell the flowers. Or an essential oil that makes you enjoy the smell of. Feel the warm sunshine on your skin. Find something to make you smile, better yet give a little giggle and then a big belly laugh.

Find Joy in the Journey

“”Joy in the journey” speaks to finding happiness and fulfillment in the process of life, rather than solely focusing on the destination or end goal. It’s about appreciating each moment, the ups and downs, the challenges and successes, and finding beauty and satisfaction in the journey itself. It emphasizes living mindfully, being present, and finding contentment in the experiences and lessons along the way. It’s a reminder to cherish the journey as much as, if not more than, the final outcome.”~ Open A.I.

Book Review Jig Gets Lost  by Julia Kneeland

Jig Gets Lost is a 24 page  adventure story. Published in May of 2021. The book has a lot of  with vibrant colors nice large print words and plenty of sight words. Jig is an adorable little Corgi. He is quite the curious pup but he is challenged when he gets lost and can’t find his way back home.

Jig Gets Lost is an adventure story about a dog named Jig. He lives in a big city and decides he wants to go exploring. One day he leaves his home and discovers the wonderful smells from the street vendors selling all different kinds of foods. He meets a young vendor who gives him a treat! But when he looks around to get back home, he cannot find his way. Read on to find out how Jig gets back!”~ Goodreads.com

I enjoyed this story. It was perfect for our kiddo in Kindergarten to learn to read. My favorite line is at the end when he thinks”Home is the best smell of all”

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