April A to Z Blog Challenge 2020 Letter I

April A to Z Blog Challenge 2020 Letter I

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April A to Z Blog Challenge  Letter I


I am tired of being inside as I am sure many others are. The cold wind today made my lungs have a fit the minute I went out to tend the chickens.  I may have to stay inside due to  the weather and my lungs today and we may need to ‘social distance’. Social distance does not mean we have to live in isolation. I don’t mean go out and hang out with friends. I mean  there are many ways we can connect thanks to technology or even old fashioned snail mail.  If you can get outside for some fresh air away from people I encourage you to do so.

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If you are inside just open the windows a bit and let some of that fresh outside air inside your home. I know every winter I think to myself that I am going to be spending more time inside and I can catch up on a lot of those inside projects that I don’t get to from spring to fall. Wrong. Somehow I might get somethings done but it seems I never get as far as I think I should. I don’t know if it is that I am flawed in being able to be productive or if it is just that life happens and that as somethings get done some more crop up. Or that things crop up and prevent me from focusing on those projects.


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What kinds of thins inspire you? Is there someone in particular that has been an inspiration to you?

I find I get inspired when I am quiet out in nature.  There are many authors that have been an inspiration to me. The ideas and encouragement in their words helped me find comfort in a time of need.  There are challenges that inspire me to try to do better and be better.  I hope that in my lifetime I am able to inspire and encourage those who need it.


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  1. Agreed, when we are inside so much, it’s important to bring the outside in! I’m so grateful that it’s warm enough these days in Colorado to open the windows!

    I’m sure you have inspired others, as others have inspired you! It’s a nice legacy to leave behind, but it’s even better, I think, to recognize when someone has given you an extra boost.

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