Chronic Voice Feb 2021


Welcome to Seeking Serenity and Harmony and my post for  A Chronic Voice Feb 2021 Linkup

February Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

Defining: This month I have been working on more clearly defining the purpose and goal of my blog. While my first love is my family and our homestead. I want to make a difference in breaking down the stigmas surrounding mental health issues. Also as having education in psychology and early childrens services I want to make a difference in the mental health community to make a difference for the children.


As a foster parent the need has become even more visible of mental health information, resources and stigma. Parents struggling with a young child who is suicidal find very little support or even understanding.  I aim to bring awareness and understanding to others and hope to break down some myths and stigma. I hope this would open the doors for more support for those in need of it.

A Chronic Voice Feb 2021 Linkup

A Chronic Voice February 2021 Linkup Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities | A Chronic Voice

Allocating: I’ve been allocating any time I can make to get back to focusing on my blog and trying to write.  As I watch my traffic numbers go down it is more and more discouraging and depressing. I haven’t had the time or energy to devote to engagement groups. I feel like I barely have five minutes alone in the bathroom never mind time to actually sit and think about things.

Uniting: I would love to make the United States more united. I really wish we could respect that we all have different views and opinions. How boring it would be if we all thought exactly the same? However some folks appear to believe that if we don’t all think the way they do than we are wrong or bad. I’m not talking just politics It seems no matter the topic there are people that think if we think differently we are the bad guy.

Saving:  I have been doing better at saving my energy for the important things. I am working at spending less time spinning in circles getting nothing done. Focusing and prioritizing my monthly, weekly and daily tasks has been a big help.  Also in the works is saving expenses where I can so that I can create an emergency fund and pay off debt.


My plan for Feb was doing the #Write28Days challenge and use that to write about

Children’s Mental Health Week (01 – 07 February)  Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week (01 – 07 February)

Life had other plans and February has been a huge emotional roller coaster.  This took a toll physically as well. I am running on empty as we journey from February into March.


I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer.. I hope this post lets someone out there know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in struggling to keep the darkness at bay.


Until next time… Stay safe.