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Featuring~ Diffusing the Tension: 7 Difficult Facts About Anxiety

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Welcome, I had asked fellow bloggers to help me out with posts while I am recovering from surgeries. Jen at Diffusing the Tension was one  of the first to reply.   Jen is a mental health advocate whose blog Focuses on awareness on mental health issues. She also has another interesting page called True Crime

facts about anxietyShe suggested I share her post that I have linked to below. Please visit and read this whole article on Jen’s blog. . I would like to see folks sharing these posts of hers to increase awareness, education and advocacy for those struggling with often misunderstood mental health issues.

Check out Diffusing the Tension’s article 7 Difficult Facts About Anxiety below.


I have quoted a few excerpts from it. These quotes are just a sampling of the hope and facts you can find on her page.

“Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States. It affects 40 million adults every year, and can have a variety of symptoms,…”


“It can start in childhood.”

This is a concern of mine personally. My mental health issues started in my youth and I see the numbers of today’s children and youth struggling with mental health issues sadly on the rise

“Mental illness does not mean life is not a beautiful thing.”

“This is probably the most difficult of the facts. There is no cure for anxiety.” “I truly believe that anxiety can be managed ”

Now that you have read about the 7 Difficult Facts About Anxiety do you know how often this and depression are co-existing? This makes the struggle doubly difficult to deal with.


facts about anxiety


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