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Selling Online

Selling Onlineselling online

I started occasionally dabbling in online selling back in 99 and sold a few items on eBay, Amazon and Yahoo auctions. In 2001 I opened my first online store on eBay and worked on it part time. In 2006 I became more serious in my attempt at building an online sales business. Now in 2008 with big changes on eBay there are even more auction sites springing up on the world wide web as numerous sellers leave eBay behind as their selling ‘home’.

Since it is true that its not good to have all ones eggs in one basket, I have added some new storefronts to my business. We have sold many items worldwide. I offer combined shipping discounts on purchases from ANY of my storefronts in a 24 hour period of time, shipping to one address.

selling online

Please email me via the online stores messaging system if you have any questions or are looking for something you do not see. I have many items in stock still waiting to be listed. Coming soon: I will be listing a bunch of large lots as I try to liquidate some inventory and free up some office space.

My original storefronts: eBay, Amazon, Half.com, TheHarmonyCollection at Bonanza,

opening soon:LoftBlvd, plunderhere

Thank you for stopping by.

Edited Sept 2019 to add my Etsy store

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