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This weeks word prompt is start

This past week I started back to Tai Chi for arthritis prevention class. I hope that doing that regularly scheduled movement specific for my cause of pain will help. I hope that I will soon begin to feel some relief.

I begin so many things and have too many that are still unfinished.

I am going to really try to begin  finishing my projects before starting a gazillion more. I restarted my decluttering and listing things for sale on the marketplace this week.

I began a menu plan with meal ideas that everyone in the house will like and be healthier choices.

Starting is so easy but finishing is hard. On other things finishing is easy but getting started is hard. I find that sometimes forcing myself to start the harder things makes it easier. Once I get started it goes much smoother.

My biggest problem is having so many projects and ideas that I am bouncing from thing to thing. Sometimes it is so overwhelming I just don’t know where to begin so end up doing nothing. Well not nothing but nothing productive.

I need to begin a list and then make a habit of  prioritizing.

We have been approved as a foster parent or as they call it here resource parent. We will hopefully will be  taking children in soon. We will only be licensed for one child at a time for now. We also foster dogs for a local rescue.

Our house is never boring.

One thing is I miss my grandchildren immensely. I realized it has been over a month since I have spent time with them and I am going to begin making sure to put them on my calendar and make sure they are a priority in my schedule instead of getting lost in the ‘should do’ stuff that tends to consume my days.

Is there anything you want to begin or have started recently? Let me know in the comments.

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