A Quick mention: 5 of my favorite products

I had a coupon given to me. I thought it was buy one get one for Pearls olives. When I looked at it closer it was for one free. No buying one needed. I looked at the choices and since I have been trying to incorporate more garlic in my diet I opted for the Pearls specialties garlic stuffed queen olives.


I found them so good. Better than I had expected. Perfect combination in just one stuffed olive. I expected them to be overpowering but they were the perfect balance. If you get a chance to try them, I recommend it.


The Hasbro board game Guess Who is a well-worn favorite in our house. It has been so loved and overused that we found when the kids and grandkids were playing it this past Christmas that it is time to buy a replacement. With the long winters this will be a good one to pull out especially when the power goes out and we need some fun entertainment as a family.


I have Celiac Disease so must follow a gluten free diet. As per recent doctor recommendations I now also must avoid dairy. Several friends recommended I try Kind bars. The Kind bars are one of my absolute favorite treats these days.

Speaking of board games my twins like to play the game called Munchkin. I played a round with them during power outage and discovered my favorite card. In case you didn’t know I can sometimes get obsessed with chickens.  To be honest I still don’t quite understand this board game. The twins however have not only got the original game but have several other add on’s to the game. Amazon has a great deal on the Deluxe Munchkin game.

I hope you are doing well and thank you for stopping by my blog. Comment below what your current favorite things are.


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