15 Minute Formula Program and Book by A Purpose Driven Mom

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15 Minute Formula Program and Book by A Purpose Driven Mom

I am thrilled to be on the launch team for the 15 Minute Formula book. Cara Harvey founder of A Purpose Driven Mom and the 15 minute formula program is someone I highly recommend.

Have you seen my friend Cara’s new book? It’s AMAZING and just for moms!


The 15 Minute Formula is a book about priority based productivity and just for moms. It’s about leaving hustle culture behind while also creating time to work on your goals – without always having to get up at 5am or burn out. 

Join us at the launch party  https://fb.me/e/2rUyQzPRV   

Sorry you missed the party but it is  not too late to get a fresh copy of the book!!


Inside the book she covers the 5 pillars of her framework

  1. Vision
  2. Time Management
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Habits
  5. Routines

And she does it in a way that is easy to digest, take action on immediately and not going to lead you to wanting to throw your hands in the air and quit until next year!


Head over and get it from this link 

To give you a glimpse of what this book is about, here is a brief synopsis:

As a busy mom, it can feel nearly impossible to find time for you. Between the piles of laundry, dishes in the sink, taking care of your home and the day to day demand, your to-do list can feel never ending. You feel like you barely have time to make dinner, how are you going to find time for your goals?

The 15 Minute Formula is your answer. Instead of relying on motivation, you’ll learn how to create a priority based path that makes sense for you and your life.

Stop putting yourself last and filling your days with everything for everyone else. It’s time to give yourself permission to dream, and create time for your goals – all while picking cheerios off the floor and tucking your kids into bed.

It is possible to manage motherhood and your goals, without the guilt and burnout. The 15 Minute Formula will get you there.

I previously wrote about her 15 minute formula program as I was also lucky then to be part of the first ones to take the course.  Her weekly podcasts always leave me feeling emotionally uplifted instead more overwhelmed. She keeps me inspired and motivated to keep learning and growing.

Let me know when you get it so we can chat about the book!

My previous post about Cara Harvey 15 Minute Formula


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